Hottest Product in Makeup right now : Highlighter

Hottest Product in Makeup right now : Highlighter

Ever seen something that gets more love from a girl than French Fries ???

Well if i speak for myself, I  would choose french fries any day  but being a socialite teaches me the art of blending with the latest trends.What most girls desire these days is a Highlighter.We all know that a makeup routine is incomplete without a highlighter to enhance all the efforts and hence every girl out there owns one. Using a highlighter  religiously for your makeup routine,  whether it’s a subtle look with some  pastels and nudes for a lunch with your girlfriends or a sparkling and shimmering look for a Saturday night out, a highlighter is a product that blends smoothly and  completes the fabulous look!

This secret weapon can often be used for various areas of the face.

Using Highlighter Makeup Artists India Delhi Gurgaon Noida

With the latest launch of multiple new cosmetic brands and innumerable shades it often becomes a bit confusing. But not to worry …with simple guidance from your artist you can get your hands on the correct product and give it a special corner in that cosmetic pouch of your handbag !

Incase i’ve still left you confused about what the product does .. let me help you girls out… A highlighter in a layman language is anything that emphasizes on a particular area of the face. The four major areas where you can use it are your cheekbones, your nose, your temples and your cupids bow.